Popover Window

Popover Window is designed to be the ultimate solution for a reusable JavaScript window component. You will be able to use this window component for almost any purpose on your website. And through it’s customizable design you can tailor it’s theme to match any website that you develop.Just like the Popover Window on the Expandable Banners website, the generator can be used to create a custom window design in mere seconds. You can change any of the styling elements, borders, and colors.

But, you can also choose the window’s functionality:

Size – specify the width and height of the window in pixels
Position – leaving this blank will make the window appear in the center of the page.
Title Text – the text to display in the title bar. (You can also add HTML code to create a link.)
Title Icon – here you can choose the icon displayed in the top right of the title bar
Footer Text – the text to display in the footer bar. (You can also add HTML code to create a link.)
Close Button – decide whether the close button should appear or not. You can add your own colose button image by simply replacing the file name “popoverwindow/img/closebig.png”
Drag & Drop – decide whether to allow your visitors to be able to grab and move the window anywhere on the page.
Resizable – decide whether to allow your visitors to resize the window by gradding the bottom-right corner.
Scrollbar – adds a scrollbar to the inside window.
Fade in Effect – fades the window into view gradually, if turned off it displays immediately
Fade out Effect – fades the window out of view gradually
Clicking Overlay Closes Window – this option allows the user to close the window by clicking anywhere outside the window
Outside Shadow Effect – this option adds a CSS shadow effect to the outside of the Window
Shadow Options – this is how you can style the outside shadow effect. You can change the size and the color.
Z-index Level – this is set by default to 999 so that it will most likely display overtop of any content on your website.

Check PopoverWindow Banner demo here !