Our Banners uses a custom built JavaScript library built from the ground up by our team of expert JavaScript developers. It will not conflict with any jQuery or other JavaScript elements you might be running on your website.

Compatible with HTML and HTML5, Flash or images. Easily insert a Youtube video, a slideshare presentation or a sign up form.

DFP, OpenX, Adtech, Open Ad Stream, Adzerk, and many other banner tracking systems. As long as you can edit the HTML for the banner in your system, our Media Kit will work for you.
If you are using a banner tracking system different than the ones mentioned, our developers will try our best to integrate the Media Kit into whatever system you are using.

There are two banners you must create, one in the original state and a second in the expanded state.

The JavaScript is professionally coded and will not interfere with other javascripts you may have running on the same page. (eg. JavaScript menu, tooltips, jquery tools, etc.)

The flash element that overlaps the website content disappears after it closes. Leaving nothing to interfere with the usability of the website.

Only one line of ActionScript is required and you can use ActionScript 2, or 3. Changing the dimensions and the direction is done with 1 text change.

All available options:

Banner types: Images, Flash, HTML or HTML5
Opening: Click to open, rollover to open, auto-open, set a timer to open
Closing: Close button, click to close, rolloff to close, set a timer to close, set the close button on the outside.
Dimensions: Set any dimension to any dimension
Animation: Set the opening/closing animation to be instant, fast or slow.
Show once per day: Use a cookie to set any banner to show once per day.
ClickTag: Any banner can be set with a ‘clickTag’ from the banner manager you might be using (eg, DFP, OpenX, Adzerk,)
*A clickTag is used to track the clicks and impressions of any banner.